…blogtober day 30 :: slow Sunday…

…blogtober day 30 :: slow Sunday…

It’s a cruel irony of adulthood, that you get to the weekend desperate for a sleep-in, and your stupid body clock wakes you up at the same time anyway. The only saving grace is the lack of immediate plans, allowing us to sit silently, staring out the back door at the rising sun, sucking down the elixir of life that is a hot strong coffee. The children, at least, understand the concept of a sleep in, and we were well into our second coffee – a coffee consumed while standing up, making a start on our chores. Folding three loads of dry washing for me, prepping salads and meat for him.

We had a lunch at our local dam today, with extended family. In defiance of recent trends, it was dry, sunny and just the right kind of mid-spring warm – pleasant enough for the adults to sit and chat, warm enough for the children to play in the splash park, cool enough for everyone over the age of 16 to stare at them in disbelief as they argued it definitely was warm enough to be dripping wet…cool enough for them to stand in the sun with chattering teeth while fiercely denying they are indeed cold.

The cake Miss 12 was making yesterday was the desert, and she did a fabulous job. It was red velvet, with cream filling and fondant icing, and was super delicious. The decoration was inspired by a reel we saw on instagram, where a talented cake artist used black outlines to create a cartoon effect. You could have sworn the cakes were two dimensional, straight out of the Simpsons. Obviously there’s a difference between a professional cake decorator and a tween making a cake for the first time, but it was a super cute effort. When your audience is your siblings, parents, grandparents and great-grandmothers, you can’t go wrong really!

I was on Nan-taxi-duty for the day – I got dropped off at her place, and then I drove her out in her car. During the drive, we had a lovely chat about the books we’ve both been reading, and trading recommendations. Over lunch, I shared my rather ambitious reading goal for the remainder of the year. My mum looked at me like I had three heads, and told me (and I quote) “that’s a big ask, even for you sis”. Oh mother dearest, you know not my commitment to a challenge, such doubt only fuels me further!

When I dropped nan home again, she wandered into the lounge room and picked up the book she’d promised me…and another two for good measure to help me towards my 100 books in 2022.

We had a lovely afternoon…so lovely we were there much longer than I expected and totally missed a meeting I was supposed to attend. The car has been emptied, the esky’s unpacked, the leftovers served up for dinner and the houseguests settled for the evening.The children snuck in some craft, but bedtime is upon us, and with much mumbling and groaning as is usual with a sugar crash, they are slowly packing it all away. Monday beckons, but before then, a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuits once the house is quiet; followed by a chapter or two of my audio book and some knitting. A pleasant wind down from a full weekend of wonderful moments.

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