carrot cake

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


With the Peppa Pig cookies iced and waiting for two little girls to devour, it was time to turn our attention to a recipe for the mamas, in preparation for our playdate the next day. A carrot cake has been high on my to-bake list for a couple of weeks now – Mr Dove is a bit of a carrot cake fan, and I’m quite partial to the cream cheese icing, so it seemed a good compromise. I used a recipe out of my old faithful, The Essential Baking Cookbook, that a lot of my Twenty Treats recipes came from. With my little helper stirring and mixing and wanting an explanation every step of the way, we soon had it in the oven and baking away while we did some craft. Surprisngly, in the end, Butterrfly decided she didn’t like it. Which to be honest, wasn’t a great loss, all the more for mummy & daddy!

Today we are laying low, with a little Butterfly not feeling 100%. Snuggles and stories and rest, today, I think. Maybe some Project Life and a spot of beading. Definitely some baking. Aside from that, we’ll take it as it comes depending on what a small girl feels like. And really, that’s not a bad way to spend a day (aside from the sick girl). Have a great Thursday!

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