choc chip pretzels {Blogtoberfest day 24}

Oh my gosh, you guys, these things are the bees knees. The ducks nuts. The… I don’t know. But they are AWESOME.

During the week a friend posted about making pretzels and kindly coughed up the recipe. There was nothing much doing that afternoon, so, while the baby slept, in between my housewifing and procrastinating on the housewifing, I got cracking and whipped up a batch.

choc chip pretzels

By the end, I was feeling kind of lazy – they weren’t that much work, but I was trying to get them in the oven between dropping the three big ones at after school stuff and having to head back out and pick them up again. So in the interests of laziness/time constraints, I switched out the cookie dough that was supposed to go in them, and just added a row of choc chips before rolling them up.

So. So. Good. Definitely will be making these again – and soon, since it seems some bugger has been in my kitchen and eaten all the damn things…

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