A Fairy Farewell to Birthday Season {blogtoberfest day 18}

Yesterday, Butterfly and 6 little friends spent the afternoon playing and chatting and enjoying themselves as only four years old girls can, for her birthday party, and the final stop on the 2014 Birthday Train.

We played Pin The Wings On The Fairy. No I wasn’t still painting this an hour before the party, why would you suggest such a thing?

The wings are actually made from two layers of a pretty gold rose print vellum that was left over from our wedding invitations (I do not have a hoarding problem. Nor an over-ordering problem. Stop looking at me like that.). A bit of pale pink washi as the sticky bit and we were set.

Then, of course, what party is complete without cake?

I discovered around 7pm the night before the cutter I thought I could use for the ruffles actually wasn’t going to work, so all those ruffles ended up being hand-shaped.

I also didn’t have petal dust to do her makeup with, so used watered down colouring paste. I wasn’t overly thrilled with how her face turned out, but the girl was, and that’s what counts, right? Well, up until the point we went shopping for party food and she spotted a Hello Kitty cake in the bakery section at Coles that she suddenly decided she wanted that for her cake instead…

And since I often get asked – this particular cake was somewhere in the region of 6.5 hours work. The base cake was just a packet mix strawberry flavoured cake, and the icing was white fondant (including the body/face/etc).

The invitations I whipped up in Photoshop with some vectors I bought from Creative Market* (my go-to site for digital elements)

And I then used those elements to create stickers for the party bags

And that wraps up birthday season for this year – not a moment too soon!! It’s been fun, but long and tiring. This weekend, I rest!

{* affliate link}

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