Farewell 2009

A small voice tickles me elbow as it begs “We make muffins, mummy?”. So out comes the recipe books. “Honey ones, mummy!” “Honey?” “Yes pweese, I like honey. Honey is my FAVOURITE!” Flick, flick, flick. Hmm. “Sweetie, there’s no honey ones. What else would you like?” “Ooo, those ones, pweese. I like chocolate. Chocolate is my FAVOURITE!”

The bench is rapidly covered in various tupperware containers, as the flour, sugar, & cocoa are evicted from the pantry. The chair scrapes as Bear pushes it over to stand on. Chubba Bubba clings to my legs, and whines to have a turn too. Anoterh chair appears. Into the bowl goes the dry ingredients. A little hand on my left sneaks in and *thwack* in goes the wooden spoon, and soon enough both the smaller boy child and I are covered in flour. Maybe the wooden spoon wasn’t such a good idea.

Slowly but surely, the other ingredients make their way into the bowl, a quick mix, a spoon or three, and the muffins are in the oven. The bowl becomes a tug-o’-war. And with a deft little diversion, mummy emerges victorious! The bowl, it’s mine, all mine! My preh-shus…

And with the taste of muffin batter lingering, I confess that this is likely my last entry for 2009. And what a ride it has been. The next few days are absolutely frantic, as I throw myself headlong into Christmas preparations. Cards are written and just require posting. Presents to post. And wrap. And it would probably be a *huge* help if I actually bought some. Time with family, both immediate & extended. Eating way to much. Regretting the size 6 shorts I bought just yesterday. The way my family does Christmas, size 10 would have been much smarter. Cuddles, carols & Christmas lights. Cleaning. Savouring the little moments. The glow of children’s eye, wide with enchantment at the magic of Santa. Life is short, so I’m holding my special ones very close this holiday season. And always keeping my eye on the Reason for the Season. Giving thanks. Wow. Christmas, you are finally here. 2010 is a blank canvas, and I intend on painting my story with bright colours. Merry Christmas everyone. Travel safely, eat muchly, and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Festive Season 2009 is HERE! LET’S DO THIS!

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