Fun Friday…


We had a blast yesterday. I got the blocks joined for D9P, and the border chosen. And much to the toddlers delight, we baked biscuits. Teddy bear and star and duck and people biscuits. I didn’t do such a great job of ignoring hte housework, but I suppose that’s a plus. Though I still have a massive pile of dirty washing to plow through. Seriously, where does it come from? Am I the only one drowning in washing? I also managed to add Twitter to my blog yesterday (sounds like it should be easy, huh? Well, yeah, if you use your brain. Something I struggle with constantly). If you’re on twitter, leave me a comment with your user name & I’ll follow you. Or you can follow me by clicking on my updates over there –>


At first I didn’t get the whole twitter thing, and to be honest, not sure I still do. But I find myself, having just hit the publish button, thinking, oh, should’ve said this, should’ve said that, so now I can tweet it instead!


Today, we’ve been like a tribe of chipmunks on a suger high. We’ve sung, we’ve danced, we’ve painted an old sheet to use for cubby houses. We still have a shoebox house to make, and maybe some puppets too. I really should attempt to conquer Mt Clothesiosko (both clean and dirty). And I really hope to swing a bit of sewing time to whack this border on, then head to the fabric shop over the weekend for wadding. I’m going to finish this week on a high note!

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