gluten free, guerrilla style

gluten free, guerrilla style

Super delicious gluten free glazed doughnut cakes


To make life easier for a dear friend who is gluten-intolerant, we declared our end-of-year party for Bible Study to be completely gluten free. Surely it couldn’t be that hard, thought I. Of course, my first stop was Pinterest, where I filled my baking board with a heap of yummy looking GF recipes. This one in particular caught my eye, and looking over the recipe, it seemed like something I could manage. I scribbled a list, hit up the supermarket, and with a small girl sitting across the kitchen island from me, we got to work.

I was quite nervous, as this was the first time I’d attempted anything gluten free, but they came out of the oven, and I let out a sigh of relief. A little one, anyway. I wouldn’t be completely satisfied until I’d tasted them, but at least they had risen. A quick glance over my shoulder to make sure I was alone in the kitchen, and not in danger of being caught breaking my own “these are for Bible study and not for you and you do NOT touch them or there is big trouble do you understand me if you are hungry there is fruit” rule, I popped one in my mouth, and oh. my. gosh. SOOOOOOOO good. And they didn’t taste any different to what you would expect from regular flour – it was Ninja GF. I just used the White Wings gluten free flour I found in the GF section at Woolies, and seriously, these were so good I would make them for my non-GF family (thought I would substitute normal flour because it’s approximately 300% cheaper). I used the glaze as per the recipe, but added some cocoa to add a hint of chocolate (after checking it was GF), then turned my back on the kitchen and tried my best to ignore the delightful plate of yumminess sitting there, taunting me.

I needed a distraction, clearly, and it is a well known fact that it is a rare project I can’t overthink and overcraft. In my searching, I’d also come across some cute little allergy & intolerance signs that I couldn’t resist, and so even though it was fully gluten free, I just had to print out and include – I just sticky taped it to a kebab stick and added some washi flags in suitably Christmassy colours, and voila, one GF Christmas treat plate ready to share.

totallypinspiredsmallToday’s post covers completed pins seventeen to nineteen (of eighteen required to date) in my “totally pinspired” challenge to turn my pins into projects. We are aiming to complete a minimum of two pins a month. For all my Totally Pinspired projects, click here. You can find my Pinterest boards here, and my completed pins board here. If you’ve been totally pinspired as well, I’d love to see what you’ve been making!

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