I’m not sure if this counts as number ten, or number ten and eleven. With quilt camp coming up (this past weekend), I planned to make a cheesecake to take with us, which, of course, required a test run. I went shopping, collected my ingredients, then stood staring at the chocolate bars and I was hit with indecision. Did I make Mars Bar, or Peppermint Crisp? So of course, I made both! Being a test run, I didn’t want to make two whole cheesecakes just in case they were total failures, so I split the mix in two, and made half mars bar, half peppermint crisp. Leaving the middle of the cheesecake looking something like this:

The perfect solution, don’t you think? There are more cheesecake photos forthcoming, and the Saga Of The Quilt Camp Cheesecakes. For today though, a little girl has been missing her mama, and after a morning of stories and swings and dancing, she is ready to create. “Painting, mama, pink painting pwease”, she’s decided, and so, with more than a hint of summer in the hot dry air, we shall find ourselves a spot in the shade, and paint. With pink. I suspect there will also be a tea party in the new cubby house before the afternoon is too far past. Biscuit baking has also been requested. Lots of magic moments to catch up on and enjoy. I may even do some pink painting myself.

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