…jaffa crackles – recipe…

…jaffa crackles – recipe…


There are very few downsides to homeschooling. We get to get up when we want, have a cruisy brekkie to ease in to the day, and then get our chores done and hook into school in the morning and spend our afternoons as we please. I get my babies with me as much as I like. We can make our own schedule and take our “classroom” outside if we wish.

One less-fun part of homeschool, though, is that, having them at home full-time, means they come grocery shopping with me. All four. Which is about as fun as it sounds, really – I am more than a little glad that we now have a click & collect option! Thankfully, though, they learnt within a week or two that the more “can we have”s I heard, the less like they were to get anything. A while back, we were all lined up, waiting to check out, and right there, next to the registers, was a big pile of Coco Pops, with a big yellow 1/2 price sticker (why, Coles? Whhyyyyyyyy do you do this??) and because I’m a sucker they had behaved, I grabbed a box for our next baking session. As a kid, chocolate crackles were a favourite treat of mine, so I thought it would be a fun option for us to make together. And of course, what is a session in the kitchen if not an opportunity to experiment?

100g copha (you could also use chocolate if you don’t like/don’t have copha)
3 cups Coco Pops
15 drops doTERRA Wild Orange oil (please only use essential oils that are marked as approved for human consumption, in your baking)

Melt the copha in a bowl over a saucepan
Mix the coco pops into the melted copha
Sneak a handful of dry coco pops for taste testing – we wouldn’t want to poison the family now, would we?
Add essential oils to taste – we liked a really orangey taste, you may not, so I would start with 5 and then build up from there. Regular tasting is essential 😉
Spoon into patty cases and refrigerate
Attempt to not eat them all in one sitting

You could easily make them whatever flavour you would like – I think the next batch we make, we will add some peppermint as well!

(Original shared on my lifestyle blog)

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