Little Miss Demanding

Sunday saw a little trip out to the shops for Miss Butterfly with her daddy.Which seemed like a nice idea, until she came home and asked for a pink cupcake from the cupcake shop (translation – our local bakery displays pink iced cupcakes riiigggghhhht at toddler eye level. And thus, despite the fact we generally only buy BREAD there, it is now and forever known as the cupcake shop). We don’t have cupcakes, says I. Well BUY one from the shops, says she. But the shop is CLOSED, I tell her. Which, of course, means running to daddy in tears because mummy said she couldn’t have a cupcake. Of course, those big brown eyes work their magic, and daddy comes to me – what’s this about cupcakes? Apparently, it turns out, she’d been asking for them while they were out and about, but of course poor bamboozled daddy had no idea what the pink cupcake shop was. And Butterfly was still upset, because she wanted a pink cupcake and why were there no pink cupcakes and won’t somebody please take her to the shops and BUY A PINK CUPCAKE. Which is how we found ourselves baking yesterday.

twenty treats


OCCASSION: tear-avoidance measures (plus food for Bible Study morning tea)

BRIEF & RATIONALE: pink cupcakes pink cupcakes pink cupcakes pink cupcakes

SOURCE: I used the base recipe for fairy cakes from AWW Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites

EASE OF MAKING: 9/10 – sift in the dry and then beat in the wet. No creaming recipes always get a thumbs up from me.

CHILD FRIENDLY? 9/10 – Butterfly helped me add in the dry ingredients (tried to sift but still a bit little), and happily set out the patty papers as I did the mix-master bit.

REALITY V COOKBOOK: 5/10 – because we kept them as whole patty cakes instead of fairy-ising them, and added some hot pink buttrcream icing and pink sprinkles.

TASTE: 9/10. Tres noms.

FINAL VERDICT: pink cupcakes!!! pink cupcakes!!! pink cupcakes!!! pink cupcakes!!! pink cupcakes!!!


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