Mummy Monday

What better way to front up to a new week than to hit the ground running? The housework was done early, stories had been read, hokey-pokey’s danced, and it was time to get busy! First up was some craft time. What else does one make with a train crazy toddler, but a train!


This little train was made from a nasal spray box, two eye drop boxes, a pipe cleaner, and part of an egg carton. Super easy, super quick, and super fun. Toot-toot!  The Fat Controller small boy thinks it’s pretty good.


Then it was time to make something yummy to warm us up on a cold, wet, winter’s day.


Mmmm… chocolate muffins. Does life get any better than this? A little boy to make my heart melt, chocolate muffins to keep my tummy full, and a wonderful husband who supports me 110% in anything I do. What more could a girl want? (Except maybe for this next baby to stop using her bladder as a trampoline!).


On the pregnancy front, all is going well. We’re at 32+4, so really starting to hit the business end of things. I am more uncomfortable than I was last time, but that’s only to be expected, when things aren’t as trim, “toit” & terrific as they were pre-children!


Craft-wise, I have the Jacob’s Ladder quilt top together, I just need to sort out the backing, then pin & quilt! I hope to be finished this week. I am also still going on the changemat, and I am 75% finished a pencil roll for one of Bear’s little friends. Plus I’m knitting a little blanket for Bear’s Pooh Bear, then I need to start a little something for a certain someone, but I don’t want to say too much, in case certain eyes are reading! Suffice to say, it is cute, and vintage. I just hope I have time to get it done.

4 thoughts on “Mummy Monday

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      I love that train. You, clever thing, you!

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      Thanks! I don’t know if I’m that clever though, the connectors between the ‘engine’ & the ‘carriages’ keeps breaking! My task for today is to work out how to join them in a toddler proof way! LOL

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      You are so crafty….wish I could think of things like that to do with Kaitlyn. Mmmmm chocolate muffins – wanna come to my house and cook????? hehe

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      What a lovely day you had. Mmmm, muffins, maybe I’ll make some later in the week, feeling inspired now. Anyway, I just popped in to check out that log cabin quilt you mentioned so I mustn’t get distracted by the talk of chocolate… yum, yum.

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