nailed it

nailed it

Butterfly and her bestie are obsessed with a show on Netflix called Nailed It. The premise of the show is three amateurs (who may or may not have baking experience), are given a cake to replicate in a set timeframe. It is the epitome of the Pinterest “nailed it” meme in real time, and never fails to have two tweenagers cackling their butts off.

Originally, I’d planned a Nailed It style challenge for gingerbread house making. After prepping and chilling a batch of gingerbread though, I went to cut the houses out and realised I’d massively underestimated the amount of dough I would need for the templates I had bought. Even my small sized templates would take more than the dough I had prepared, just to make one house. The idea of making more dough and baking enough for four houses was more than I could manage on short notice, so we pivoted to biscuits instead.

Each of the children were given a star, candy cane and tree bikkie, and a bowl of royal icing. With twenty minutes on the clock, they got to work in the kitchen, while I puttered around on a couple of projects at the dining table. I kept my back to them to avoid spoilers, but the giggles and ribbing that I heard were spoiler enough.

With time up, I walked around their offerings for the judging. I was assured with great merriment that I simply HAD to taste Beetle’s candy cane bikkie, and while I am still not entirely sure how much peppermint essence he put in the icing, I’m pretty sure it’s well above the recommended serving size for a full batch of biscuits, never mind a single candy cane sized one.

From left to right, we have Boy2 (15yrs), Butterfly (13yrs), Beetle (10yrs), and Bear (17yrs). The judging was clearly a difficult decision, but in the end, the category winners were:
STARS – Butterfly
TREES – Bear
(*apparently grabbing a literal handful of icing and slapping it down as mummy calls time is a legitimate biscuit decorating technique??)

It was lots of fun, and even the bigger boys got into the spirit. For me, the best part was listening to them having an absolute blast after pretending they were only doing it to keep “the baby” happy. Even almost-grown teens can’t resist a bit of Christmas magic, it seems.

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