nom nom…

It’s been a funny old day. Hot, then stormy, then muggy. Hopefully another storm this afternoon to cool things off again.


Today was going to be a catch up day. After all the rain, I finally found the bottom of the washing basket. Four loads of washing await hanging in the laundry. Except it started raining again. Of course. So instead, while baby girl sleeps, I’m going to race around and do all I should have done this morning. But I shafted housework and went for coffee, and met with friends. I chatted and laughed and filled my sol with the happiness that comes with good friendship. Baby girl rocked it with her aunty, and managed to come home with a new dress, new shoes, and lost her new hat. She also adopted a new pet in the shape of a microfibre finger duster that she loves rubbing on her face. Strange girl. Half hour ’til pickup, and the rest of my jobs call. Tidying, sweeping, vacuuming. Pickups, afternoon teas, unpacking, repacking. If I can swing it, a spot of sewing for a friend’s new baby. A stitch or two in my current Dear Jane block. Attempting to ignore the pull of Facebook and Pinterest. Must. Close. Internet. Tuesday’s nearly done, Wednesday beckons, then a downhill run to the weekend. Can’t wait! Let’s do this!


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