P. A. R. T. Y.

Oh yes we will! There was a very special birthday around here over the weekend, one ending with a ZERO. A very wise woman once said, it seems worse to see it in print, so I won’t name the person or the number, except to say she’s a pretty awesome lady, and I love her to the moon and back. This birthday was, to us, a bit of a fresh start, leaving behind some rough times and shining a light ahead. And somehow, it fell to me to make the cake. I pondered a bit, and then settled on a plan. Pans were bought, and Wilton paste. 5 hours in the kitchen later, I’d burned through a dozen eggs, a litre of milk, and 1.5kg of flour, as the cake stack grew before me. Brilliant. Cake of Awesomeness is rocking. Stage two saw four blocks of chocolate and two cartons of cream converts into a rather large bowl of ganache, which set in the fridge as I attacked the butter once more and joined the layers with buttercream. Ganache applied, and then more buttercream, and colours. I took a deep breath, and started decorating. I had this grand vision of a beautiful flower-covered cake. Instead in looked like a clown on an acid trip drew a sunflower on top. *sigh*. Next on my to-do list – buy a cake nail and attend a cake decorating course.

Oh. And Bear tells me I didn’t do a very good job on the top layer. It doesn’t taste like anything except cake. Thanks baby.

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