Sick Bubba…

Poor Little Bear has been sick the last few days, so no sewing or scrapping to be shown at the minute. I did, however, get a chance to do some baking today.

Very simple, but oh so yummy! I love these bikkies, they are made from my great-grandmother’s recipe, and remind me of a time when I wasn’t so grown-up, or so busy. Just the smell of these takes me back to my childhood, evoking memories of climbing off the school bus, racing into the kitchen, and downing multiple, still-warm biscuits with a glass of cold milk. After homework, the bikkies were then cool enough to go round two, involving dunking the biscuits in said milk! It seems the tradition will live on, as Bear has taken quite a liking to these ‘bissits’, and even helped me make this batch, using his (pre-washed) playdough cutters to make shaped biscuits, which he thinks is pretty cool.


The only problem with being all domestic and baking yummy biscuits is all the taste testing required. I think DH would be quite shocked to see the real quantity this recipe makes ! *blush* Also, when baking with toddlers, be prepared to share your beaters *sob*, no longer can I sneak a quick lick of the beaters whilst the oven works its magic. Now, beaters belong to the little helper. Sigh, the price we pay for the joy of small children!

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