slice of nice.

Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who left me such positive feedback on the fabric, both here and on Facebook. I was so unbelievably nervous launching it, that it was wonderful to have such a warm reception, even if it is simply my friends being nice!



The best part about having visitors, aside from the visitors themselves, of course, is the excuse for some guiltfree indulgence baking. Like my famous-in-my-world caramel slice, topped with Lindt 70% dark chocolate. mmmm…. I had a lovely morning on Monday catching up with a dear friend, drinking coffee and quaffing slice and pumpkin scones in the sun as the children played and dashed in and out of the toy room. And if there is slice left over, well, I can’t let it go to waste, can I?

Wednesdays are our be-lazy-at-home day. Except we had to go grocery shopping. Pity about that whole needing to eat business, life would be so much simpler without it, wouldn’t it? But the groceries are done and put away, Reading Eggs have been played, bikes have been ridden in the sun. The children are fed and Butterfly is napping, Bubba Boy is drawing in the studio with me for his rest, and I’m getting ready to get my craft on. I’m hoping to give the blog a makeover, and start on some new fabric designs. I desperately need to get this mug rug quilted, so that might be my first plan of attack. Some piecework is begging for attention, Bubba Boy wants to sew, I’m aching to paint. And I want to scrapbook. Too many options! Maybe just ease into it slowly with a coffee and some m&ms that kind-of-sort-of-accidently-on-purpose fell into the trolley. I would have some of the caramel slice in the photo, but “someone” ate the last of it last night watching the Budget. ‘Cos that’s how hard we party around here. Wednesday’s halfway over, we’re officially on the run down to the weekend. The boy is snuggling and stroking my face as he tells me he loves me and I am his “precious mummy”. The day is fresh and bright and brimming with goodness. But the big to-do list will kick my butt if I don’t get busy. Let’s do this!

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