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Miss Butterfly, it seems, is a fussy one.There is something not right about making a new mother choose between chocolate & sleep. But for now, sleep wins. Soon, though, I may re-introduce chocolate, and hope that it doesn’t keep her awake all night.

So when we wanted to bake a cake, I wasn’t quite game to attempt our old faithful standby, chocolate cake. I pulled out the recipe book, and my eye fell upon a recipe for cinnamon tea cake. Yummo! With my faithful little helpers beside me, we measured & added & mixed until a lovely thinck batter emerged, and then waited eagerly as the microwave timer counted down the minutes. A few minutes to rest, turned out on to a plate, a dusting of warm butter, sugar and cinnamon, and it was coffee time. So it wasn’t chocolate, but I think I may have just found my new “stand-by cake” for the next 12 months or so! You don’t want to know how quickly it disappeared…


Today, I’m trying to clean my studio. And I really need to sort out the boys clothes, see what I need to turf, repair, make, buy. We’ve read stories, swung swings, done craft, baked biscuits. Admired the preciousness that is a certain 3-week-old little girl. I may or may not have ordered a bit more fabric than I really needed to make a couple of quilts. I may or may not be also planning a raid on my fabric shop. My creative mojo is set to “high”, and my mind is full of plans. The toddler sleeps, the baby stirs, the preschooler is holed up in a lounge-and-sheet cubby house. Rest time is here and I’m going to make every second of it count. Happy Wednesday!

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