the paleontologist turns five

The birthday train rolls on! This past weekend, it was Boy2’s turn, and somehow, I made the mistake of blinking, and he is five. FIVE. The age of saying goodbye to our favourite weekly activities and hello to big school. Goodbye to lazy days at home and hello to the morning school rush. Goodbye to paint stained hand me downs and hello to uniforms.


And of course, what would a big boy want for a birthday cake but a big dinosaur. A Spinosaurus thank you very much. Complete with lots of little dinosaur sprinkles, and a volcano. Dinosaur times are dinosaur times without volcanoes and the bloodshed of smaller varieties of ornithipods.




The cake is just about gone, and so the school holidays roll on, speeding rapidly towards another term – the last at preschool for the birthday boy as he counts down the weeks until he can join his big brother at school, and the first at preschool for Miss Butterfly. The three bigger children are still away, so I’ve been indulging today in morning teas with friends and snuggles with a tiny Beetle Baby with a clogged up nose. He’s finally settled in his cradle so I’m going to make the most of the time. Some photos to take and a quilt to trim. A companion piece to that WIP I blogged about yesterday morning and finished yesterday afternoon. I should be productive and get a couple of organisation jobs around the house sorted while I am free of “helpers”. But first. Time for a coffee break and enjoying the silence and a clean house that stays clean.

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