twenty treats.


{chocolate chips baked with my boy on Saturday while sick baby slept and Daddy took Bear to soccer}

We love to bake around here. There’s nothing like the smell of warm cake or fresh biscuits to bring the kitchen to life. The boys excitedly drag chairs over, and Butterfly will perch up on the bench, and then the squabbling begins. I want to put it in, no I do, he got to put in more than me, why can’t we do the eggs…but it all works out, and then we count down the minutes until we can pull it out and get it cool enough to eat.

But I’ve found, we tend to stick to two tried and true recipes. Chocolate cake, and a plain sweet biscuit. Both of which came from my great grandmother, and both of which I know by heart. It’s easy. It’s quick. Occasionally we’ll bake choc chip biscuits for a change, but this is the first batch in more months than I care to admit. Even my slices are in a rut. Bring a slice? Caramel slice it is.

So. I’m setting a challenge for myself. Twenty Treats. Time to crack out the recipe books and try something new. Sweet or savoury. Cake, biscuit, slice. I would say one per week, but we all know how that’ll end up!! So Twenty Treats, and not the same thing twice in a row. I may end up the size of a house.

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