Welcome to The Barefoot Bookclub! This low key monthly read-along is designed to help encourage you and provide gentle accountability as you read your way towards your goal book tally for the year.

While I will pick a book each month for the club suggestion, you are welcome to join in no matter what you are reading.


Let me know you’re in over on instagram, and I will add you to the book club chat.

Pick your poison – I will suggest a book each month from the Amazon First** list, and share it in the chat and also on this page. I’ve chosen this option as it allows you to pick a book for $1.99 (or free, if you are a Prime member**), which makes it affordable, and if you don’t have a kindle, you can download the free app on your smart device. Not a fan of the selection? Not a problem!! We’d love to hear what you are reading and what you are enjoying about it.

Once a week I’ll pop into the chat and kick off our weekly check in and together we can all give each other a nudge to swap scrolling for reading!

Are you in?



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