a creative life.

When I was younger, I used to play a game. In my game, I was grown up, and I had at my disposal a full array of art & craft supplies, to rival the largest art store. I had paints and beads and fabric and brushes and paper. It was all stored neatly in a large chest, which now as an adult, realising how much space real supplies take up, was more in the lines of Hermione Granger’s beaded purse in the last Harry Potter book. But it was a game, and imagination is a wonderful thing. It was an ongoing thing, this game. I would perch myself up in my favourite spot, and set up a couple of chairs to create my “studio”, with either a desk or an easel, depending on that day’s activities. I would rifle through my “trunk”, looking for the items I needed, pausing to earnestly consider which “brush” would be perfect for my painting, or which “fabric” I might sew with. The yearning to not only be creative, but to not be restricted to one single outlet, goes a long way back.

And this last week, it feels almost as if my game is slowly becoming a reality. On top of my growing photography business, my other crafty endeavours are slowly, unexpectedly, gaining traction. My little fabric shop has kicked off, and on my very first day, the lovely Maree Louise bought some of my fabric. A day or two later, I posted up a photo of mum’s mothers day bracelet on my Facebook page, and within the hour, I had an inbox, wondering if I could make one to order for a friend to give to her mum for mothers day. Another friend commissioned a custom fabric design to match a party exactly. I am honoured beyond belief that so many of you think so much of my little muddling that you are willing to help me reach for my dreams, and build a creative life. Thank you xx

{the commissioned bracelet of Swarovski crystal and Czech fire polished glass}

Today we are all systems go. Bindings have been pieced and pressed. Libraries have been visited. Stories read. The sun was beating a warm path to a bright corner of the yard, so we headed outside and went nuts with the bubble blower. Baby girl is now down for the count, and Bubba Boy is about to lay down with a movie, and I see my chance to make a move. A quick whizz around the remaining housework, and I’m planning on laying down the first layer on a new painting, and attaching those bindings. Small goals today. A bit of work needs to be attended to, but some crafty time to kick me off will get me in a much more productive state. Hope you are all having an awesome Thursday.

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