a girly kind of day.

As the baby sleeps, the noise that passes for the soundtrack of my life shifts. A lazy Thursday afternoon, and it’s still an hour until pick up. Just the girl and I, pottering about. It’s a new kind of normal, this almost-quiet that surrounds me. She waltzes by, lost in the music of her mind as she dances, and she twirls back to me and grabs my leg and looks up at me. “Can we do necklace cwaft, pwease mama?” Necklace craft is one of her favourites, at the minute. A jar of beads for Christmas complemented a beading set she received for her birthday, and so we lay out hers, and I grab mine, a little stash of pretties and some tiger tail that I picked up at Lincraft over the holidays. We sit and chat and bead, taking it in turns to help each other, to hold things up and try things on, and declare them “boodeful”.

I have long wanted to have a play with some tiger tail and crimps, and I really enjoyed both the process and the results. Butterfly adored watching me thread them and tighten the crimps. Crafting around here has come in very short snatches, and so this was a lovely chance to sit and create and just “be” with my girl…until she was ready to move on to the next thing.

beaded necklace - tigertail & crystal

I still have a few of these beads left, so I’m trying to decide what my next move is – a bracelet and maybe even some earrings? I’m not certain yet, and I’ll have plenty of time to consider it. This week’s crafty priorities are catching up on Project Life (one week to go!), and finishing off Butterfly’s ballet bag. The boys have requested new after-school-activity bags too, so I’ll pull out some long neglected plans and notes, and get cracking on that too. Then once the children are sorted and my guilt-free sewing is at an end, I’d best clean up the bomb that appears to have gone off in my studio. And maybe cast on a beanie for Beetle. With some embroidery for good luck. Focus isn’t exactly my strong point… Have a great Tuesday!

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