a little thank you.

I am blessed to have such awesome friends. They make me smile, occasionally make me cry, and quite often make me addicted to crazy new crafts. A while back, one friend sent me a message – would I be interested in an old-school light meter? Um, YES PLEASE! And a few days later, a little parcel turned up. Not just a light meter, but a proper working-condition antique light meter. Absolutely floored, I named him Albert, and he joined my camera collection. Bee’s mum didn’t want payment, it was enough to know Albert has a good home, and he does and is much loved, but I felt the need to do something. So a flurry of messages back and forth, and a plan was hatched.

I hope she likes it! I made this little pretty yesterday, while I hung out with the small people who were absorbed in Lego after school. No crafting for me this afternoon, we’ll be baking a cake for a special little someone turning TWO tomorrow! How’d that happen? One princess cake coming up…wish me luck!

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