customised keyrings {commission}

customised keyrings {commission}

A month or two before Christmas last year, I got a text. “Hello, my wonderful, lovely, crafty, clever friend…” (or words to that effect), it started, and I giggled as I knew what was coming. A little photo and some more sucking up, followed by a request – could I make two personalised keyrings, and how much? We-he-hell… a new project, and I’m going to get PAID to make pretty stuff & experiment with new things? Oh yeah, you can bet I was all over that.

First was the fun stuff – window shopping for the bits & pieces I would need, and after some back and forth, we settled on the elements we would use. I was itching to get started on the graphic design portion of the project, but managed to tap my foot long enough for the order to arrive, and I’m glad I did, because the beads I’d ordered ended up being a lot more purple than I’d thought. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are pretty, but I was expecting them to be closer to pink. But it turned out for the best, in the end, as I had some digital papers to work with that were an almost perfect match.

I made two charm inserts for each keyring, a large one with the teacher’s name, and a smaller one with a little thank you message from the student. While I left those for 24 hours to allow the resin to dry properly, I got busy wiring up the beads & charms, and then the next night, settled myself in front of the tv, popped in a dvd & got busy pulling them all together. I was chuffed with the results – as was my friend, and from all accounts, the teachers enjoyed them. Teacher’s gift win! Now, to just make one for myself…

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