DIY custom bag tag

The June long weekend has been and gone, in the way that only 3 day weekends can disappear in a blink of an eye. It was a good one though, hanging out with friends, dreaming up new projects, working on current projects, and soaking up precious moments with my tiny people who seem to insist on growing up far too fast for their mama’s liking.

In amongst all that, I squeezed in some work, and come to Tuesday-that-feels-like-Monday somewhat ready for another weekend. It doesn’t help Tuesday is typically one of my busier days, and, I must confess, the old blogging mojo is running a tad low, so I thought it was a good chance to share an older project that I haven’t yet gotten around to blogging.

It was a few weeks into the preschool term that I realised Butterfly’s bag, super cute as it is, is pretty darn popular. I started thinking about how to make her bag stand out (not that we’d had any trouble grabbing the wrong bag, but you know me. Never met a potential dilemma I couldn’t over craft a solution to), and one lazy day at home, the girl and I popped Beetle to bed, set ourselves up in the studio and got busy. First up was helping ourselves to some of my hot pink Fimo to create her initial, and then as it baked, I let Miss Butterfly have her choice of the bead box, resulting in a somewhat interesting mix – sterling silver spacers, Swarovski crystals, cultured pearls, all offset with a delightful pink plastic heart, a leftover for my tween crafting years (yes, I’m a bit of a supply hoarder, what of it?). Despite the eclectic choices, I think they all work together wonderfully once threaded onto some perle cotton and attached to a clip. bagbag tag

Now. Just to get onto the felt dinosaur bag hanger I have planned for Boy2. It’s only half way through term two, you can’t rush these things you know!>

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