of dresses and tiaras {blogtoberfest day 23}

Sitting in the hotel room, waiting for the mister to return from playing hunter-gatherer in the wilds that is BrisVegas, I watched as the small people bounced off the walls after a day in the car (disclaimer – no walls were harmed in the making of this holiday), and with one eye on them, and the other on the table before me, I sifted through the box of beads I’d brought with me, and slowly began assembling some bling for the girl. We were due to fly out the next morning, with the plan of leaving the motel around 5am (and yes, it was as painful as it sounds getting up and all six of us out the door at that time of morning), so cutting it fine was probably a wee bit of an understatement. Thankfully I only wanted something simple, and in the end, it came together beautifully.


I’ve shared a bit about this dress I made for Butterfly previously, but it was only as I was preparing for Blogtoberfest that I realised I never blogged the finished dress…and the bling. I was so happy with how well the outfit came together, purely by chance, as the crystals had originally been purchased for another project. The little miss adored her twirly skirt, sparkly shoes and the tiara that really was just the icing on the cake. Three months & countless searches of our bags later, it still is yet to be seen, and likely ended up being left in Fiji. Looks like I’ll be making another one…

Today is going to be a quiet one I think, with my two littlest people a bit out of sorts and just needing some downtime. A couple of quick jobs downwn and then we can hide in the studio all day – Butterfly adores the watercolours from her party, and I have a new project or three in mind, so we can craft along together when the baby sleeps – my favourite way to pass an afternoon. A story or three, some daydreaming in the sunshine. A spot of baking maybe. A picnic of choc chip pretzels. Yep. It’s going to be a fabulous day.

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