…drip drop…

…drip drop…

After the finishpalooza of the last few months, I’m heading a bit towards needlework overload. Cross-stitches and embroideries have been the order of the day when it comes to school table crafting lately, and resurrecting my 20 before 2020 list gave me the inspiration I needed to mix things up a little bit.

This morning, with my morning jobs done, and after 20 minutes or so of working on my current stitchery, I got the children settled into the chores and headed for the storage tubs in search of my bead boxes. Somewhere during the move, I lost my diffuser bracelet collection, and my desire to rifle through boxes is limited to very strict parameters. Namely – if it isn’t needed to clothe my children or top up my in-house craft stash, I’m not going after it. So like a Totally Reasonable Adult, I skipped looking for the bracelets and instead starting hunting through the crates of craft supplies for my gemstones, planning to make up a couple of bracelets while the children did their morning lessons.

Once I had the beads open and started laying out strings of gemstones, of course maths lessons suddenly became far less interesting, and the orders started coming in thick and fast. Before I knew it, I had not run out of lava beads making up three bracelets of my own, but I also had four bracelets laid out for the kids, giving me a total of seven bracelets made this morning towards my goal of 15 as part of the 202020 challenge. All seven contain a mix of gemstones interspersed with lava beads that we can load up with our favourite essential oils. I’m sure our next town trip is going to take five times as long to get everyone out the door by the time they all hover around the oil boxes and debate the merits of their various oily options.

These bracelets also count towards item 13 on my list, which was to use the remaining 13 Materials from the 2017/18 Make All The Things challenge. Seven new bracelets pretty comprehensively completes the BEAD requirement, don’t you?

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