Fly little birdie.

There’s a little bracelet kit that has been sitting on my shelf in my studio, tainting me. Last week, I had half an hour to myself, and so I tiptoed past the door where a small girl dozed, slipped into the studio and grabbed it. Then the hunt began for my pliers, which, it seems, are lost in the depths of the space-time continuum that has been warped around the mass of of gravity collecting in my studio (I know, I still haven’t finished tidying it. The cutting table fell through so I’ve lost my mojo).

Later in the week, the wee girl and I happened to be cruising the street, doing some odd jobs. On my list was a roll of tie wire to round out a different project – a housey type of one, so there was no craft ban breaches. Well, at least there wasn’t until I found the plier aisle, with mini needle nose pliers, and mini side cutters, for a bargain $4.95 each. Slipped those chappies in the basket along with the wire, secreted them into the office on our return, and awaited the perfect opportunity to get hooked in. The perfect crime.

Arriving home from church this morning, we had our usual lazy lunch, and Butterfly popped her thumb in her mouth, and started rubbing her nose with the leftover fingers. “No want wunch, mama. I weally tired. Bed time please?” and so I scooped her up and carried her to bed, promising I’d stay near while she went to sleep. And so I found myself in my studio with a moment or two to spare, just made for beading. Instructions laid out to one side, neat piles of beads and findings in front of me, I slowly started joining rings and threading beads. Lost in the rhythm of my creating, I didn’t hear the footsteps until too late. “Did you want the rest of your lunc…hey, are those new?” whoops. Busted.

With the truth revealed, and the baby asleep, I decided I may as well craft in comfort. I set myself up on the floor of the lounge room, and flicked on the tv for some company, and within around three quarters of an hour, I had a lovely new little bracelet.


I also managed to get a bit done on a skirt for me – hopefully a nice quiet Monday at home will give me the hour or so I need to finish it off. A little crochet dragon is in progress, another one waiting to be started. I’m itching to get back to my ripple and embroidery as well sooner rather than later. And paint. Car will disown me if I don’t at least make a start on the mixed media canvas. In between all that, of course, is spring cleaning and the #drawmeseptember challenge, and planning a party for two small boys. Can we slow time down a bit please?

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