lady in red.

It seems a lot of my wardrobe this winter is dark with splashes of red. Red coat. Red shoes. And my new favourite piece of bling is purple. Yeah, smart move. So when I ordered the beads for a commissioned bracelet, I slipped in some cute gem toned Czech glass beads, and some cracked glass beads in blues and reds. I know. I’m on a craft ban for another month still. But I did buy them with the thought of maybe making a bracelet to sell. Truly. Would I lie to get around a buying ban? The “gem tones” collection ended up having more purple and yellow beads than I expected, so I ended up making a 1.5 loop bracelet, which I’m not convinced really works. I’m still tempted to pull it apart and redo it with more beads when I get the chance to buy some. It looks nice enough by itself, but when worn, it’s an awkward wrap. I think it’s actually less to do with the bracelet and more to do with my odd shaped bony wrist. Hasn’t stopped me from wearing it though!

One day to the weekend, and I’m hoping tomorrow is as productive as the rest of the week – a painting started (including a mercy dash to the art store after running out of white paint. Yes. Already. And no, it’s not a breach of the buying ban. It’s for a gift painting. There are more than a few loopholes in this ban 😉 ), a mug rug finished, a new fabric collection very close to completion. I can’t wait to share this one with you, it’s very special. I’m working late tonight to free up my weekend for fun and frivolity and some creating. We’ll see if my plan works…

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