LWD goes international.

I’ve been waiting for AGES to show off this little bracelet! I posted up on my Facebook page that I was thinking of making up some bracelets to list in the etsy shop, and Meg mentioned she’d like one for her mum’s birthday. Easy as that. And next thing, I had a little parcel bundled up and winging it’s way over the Pacific to the United States. Kinda cool for this little Dove!


I have to say, it was VERY hard to let this little beauty go! I think I need to order in some more wire and get beading! Last day of holidays today for the big boy today, little boy is already back at preschool. So we are taking it easy. The boy has been sewing a dolls quilt. We’ve been playing and reading and hanging out. I feel a photowalk in our very near future. There are a couple of little projects on the go that I NEED to get done this week, and another new commission joined the list last night. Reality has hit with a vengeance. Hello Monday, I’m here to whip you into shape.


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