Quilt Camp 2014


It seems the trick to getting away to quilt camp on time, is to not take the baby with you. Just 15 minutes after when I had planned to leave, I was on the road, fuelled by coffee & excitement & very little sleep. Not only did I have to pack my bags (yes, plural), and pack for the children who were spending the weekend with their grandparent while I played lady of leisure & Mr Dove worked (huge shout out to the parentals, because without them quilt camp would have been a heck of a lot harder), But I also had to finish off the last of my gifties. You know, the ones I’ve known about for 6 months? The one I decided on over a month ago? Yeah, that one. The most complicated one. Started Tuesday, finished somewhere in the region of midnight Thursday…complete with a burnt foot (don’t ask). In the end though, I think it was worth it.

For Car – a set of 7 original mixed media dividers for her planner. All done in three days and if I see another MM project in the next month I will scream. This is where the burnt foot via a heat gun comes in.




For Alley – this is a hangover from last year’s Secret Santa, when I told her I wanted to make her a Santa Kitty from polymer clay, but ran out of time. She told me she would’ve waited all year for that, and so OF COURSE that was what I had to make for her gifty. I was so thrilled with this one, I was texting photos to Car the whole time and laughing my behind off.


For Kylie – our resident bookaholic. This idea came from a picture Car shared a few months back. I whipped up the three little books out of Fimo during one #saturdaynightcraftalong and was so happy with the result.LWD-7867-003

For Bec – now this was easy! When I posted about the planner charm/keyring I’d made for the Clare’s Craftroom Challenge, she was very taken with it, and so that was one I could tick of my list quite early on.LWD-7866-002


For AJ – A thread minder, inspired by her Eiffel Tower cross-stitch.


As always, we had the best weekend. Arriving around 10 am, we claimed our seats and proceeded to talk & laugh & craft all weekend. We shared gift bags (I will share my haul later). I made good progress on my Aviatrix quilt, which should get finished today & off to be quilted. I was wildly hedonistic & slept in both days, until 7am…factor in Queensland time, that was really 8am at home & I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. Now, let the countdown to October 2015 begin, and we can do it all again!!


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