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After getting Bear all kitted out for his Melbourne Cup do, I had around 3.7 minutes on the Tuesday morning to contemplate my own race day attire. Such is mum life, I guess, when the child has a) a better social life, and b) an outfit requiring prioritising. While I wasn’t going to an actual Cup function, we have a standing arrangement within our Tuesday group that we get a bit tizzied up for Cup Day, if for no other reason than it’s fun to get dressed up in something other than the usual mummy uniform.

Sadly, ye olde fascinator collection is looking a bit sparse (read – I haven’t been to an actual in-real-life race meeting in 7 years), but I did have a super sweet over-sized pink flower than would work perfectly. The downside being, I had no pink jewellery to wear with it. Of course. So what is a crafter to do? Nothing less than pull out the crystals and whip up a little necklace over breakfast. As you do. Then, of course, I got home from the school run & decided I really needed pretty dangly earrings to go with it, so I made the very adult decision to ignore the chores I should have been doing, and make some instead.

crystal necklace

For the small amount of time they took, I really loved the end result, and have worn them a few times since. I used a combination of Czech fire polished crystals, Swarovski crystals & small glass seed beads. Perfect to add a splash of bling to my race day outfit!

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