A cuddle after an owies. Fresh baking on a Monday afternoon. A friendly face at canteen. A sewer of dressups. A teacher of crafts. A reader of books. A buyer of books! A voice through the tears. A holder of babies. A hanger of washing. A strength in the face of darkness. A light shining as she emerges from her tunnel. An inspiration.

Mothers day is becoming more and more important as I get older, not just because of my own children. But because of my mum and her journey, inspiring me to dream big and live bigger. Mothers Day I can take or leave for me, but for her, it is a day worth celebrating.

I always struggle for a gift. This year, I decided to combine her love of bling, with my newly-rediscovered love of beading, and made her a small wrap bracelet.

{how cute are those little star beads?}

The purple has ended up more dominant than planned, it was originally going to just be a small accent with the focus mainly on the green (mum’s favourite colour), but I think it worked out well this way, I’m not sure if it would have been a bit bland in just green/gold/pearl. Either way, I like it, I just hope mum does too!

We’ve had friends over this morning, to share yummy pumpkin scones we baked on the weekend, and a caramel slice I made last night. A special delivery has just arrived that I can’t WAIT to share with you. The girl is sleeping, the boys are at school, the house is clean, I’m thinking it’s sewing time. Mug rug MUST be finished today, and inspiration has hit for the quilting. I’m hope to also find time to finish quilting the stars (I know, I’m as sick of talking about them as you are of hearing about it). Swoon is waiting. Scrapbooking is calling my name. Knitting is growing impatient. Can I have an extra five hours in my day please? Monday’s playing nice so far, let’s hope it stays that way!

{oh, and I’d love it if you came by the Facebook page and joined me and my 5 friends 🙂 }

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