on the cards :: May

May was a big one, project-wise. I had the wrap up of 100 Days. I was attempting Me Made May (fail) and Messy May (pass). Life was very life-ish – kiddo performances and weekends away and Mothers Day and what felt like three million meetings and EOFY kicking off. If there was a month I was going to fail, this […]

in the mailbox :: postcard swap

A million years ago, in the heyday of forums and blogging and before algorithms decided the internet for us, swaps were a regular part of my creative calendar. Dolls quilts, and charm squares, and The Creative Exchange, a Hogwarts house swap, mixed media canvases, even penpals and letters, along with our annual SNCA swap. I haven’t done a swap in […]

a weekend in the big smoke

When we very first started homeschooling, almost seven years ago now, one of the first things we agreed on was that if we were going to go ahead, we would need to actively look for, and travel to, educational opportunities for the children. Museums, galleries, workshops; we would work to expose the children to life outside the bubble of our […]

on the cards :: February

February has been a mixed bag of life being so very lifeish. We’ve kicked off another year of school, and the teenagers are back into their work schedules. I’m trying to find a balance of teaching homeschool and keeping on top of the housework and squeezing in creative time and not losing my mind in the process. My card a […]

on the cards :: January

Somewhere around the third cocktail, on the evening of December 28th, I had a genius idea. What if, says I, what if I do a pocket a day, like a 3×4″ project life pocket. One day it might be a photo, another it might be a painting. A cocktail afternoon might be a written recipe and a quick sketch. A […]

Wordless Wednesday :: Christmas Party edition

It’s a manic old day here, so just flying through with a (semi) Wordless Wednesday post. Saturday night we kicked off the silly season with Mr Barefoot’s company Christmas party, where we did a paint and sip. Our project was a sunset over a pink ocean, and it was really fun to see how differently they all turned out, even […]

15 @ 40 // day ten

It’s funny the places growth and evolution show up, often in the most random of inspiration strikes. When I first added “acrylics” to my Fifteen At Forty list, I had the kernel of an idea, but not much in the way of execution. In March of 2019, a new instagram challenge popped up on my feed – #squareathon, a sixteen […]

15 @ 40 // day eight

Of all the creating I’ve been doing lately (mostly as part of my Fifteen At Forty project; it appears to have taken over my entire brain), my favourite pieces, the ones that inspire and motivate me the most are the multi-modal pieces that pull in different aspects of my creative history. From traditional mixed media, to over engineered digital art, […]

15 @ 40 // day seven

I love Easter Bingo each year, for the ways it pushes me out of whatever rut I’ve fallen into and stretch my creative muscles in new ways. This year, we mixed up the prompts a bit, and one of my suggestions was “remix”. Once upon a time, Car & I attempted a 365 journal prompt challenge (which I failed quite […]

15 @ 40 // day five

If you want to raise readers, you let them see you reading. If you want to raise creative kids, you let them see you being creative. It’s advice I’ve both heard and given over the last almost-17 years of parenting. It’s excellent advice, and it’s something that works. Until, that is, it works too well and your children adopt your […]