blgotober day 8 // Sunday snippets

One of the hardest things I’m finding, about Blogtober in the 2020s, is how every post comes with the pressure to mean something. It has to be a post that can be shared to Pinterest, or Insta, or somewhere other than here. As a craft blogger, it “should” include a project or a tip or a tutorial, something that “adds […]

blogtober day 4 // wordless Wednesday

Life currently: training the Roomba, trying to keep the cat out of cupboards, assembling all the flatpack, settling in to this new space. Also in my orbit: reading// What Is Left Over After (Natasha Lester), due back by the weekend watching// The Newsreader seasons 2 on iView planning// the last of stage one of new house art – maybe this […]

on the bookshelf :: March

March, I think I’ve spoken about previously, was The Month Of The Rut. Projects dropped off and are waiting for catch up marathons. My injured ankle led to a whole lot of languishing. It’s been a big month of travel and house jobs and meetings and weekends disappearing in a haze of adulting and outside commitments. Along with my projects, my reading […]

…then we DIVE…

Coming into 2021, it feels all but impossible to decide what the year ahead should look like. Trying to pick my One Little Word, in theory, should’ve been harder than any year in the past. But just as RISE came to me on a whim, and turned out to be the perfect word for 2020, my word for 2021 has […]

aussie kids. are weetbix kids.

With Bear at school, Bubba Boy is a bit lost. Late last week, he was wandering around aimlessly, his little face forlorn. “what’s up, sweetheart?”, and he sighs and shrugs. “Are you missing your big brother?” “Yes, mama, I be big school boy too pease?” “when you are five, baby. Want to do some craft?” “oooo, we make a digger […]