Hapy birthday to…Pooh Bear?

The day stretched out before us, nowhere to go, nothing in particular that needed doing. As I wiped the final crumbs of breakfast from the bench, a small furry head poked around the corner. “Hurro, mummy” growled a low voice, which rose suspiciously as the boy behind the voice dissolved into giggles, and showed himself. “Mummy. It’s Pooh Bear’s birthday […]

baking day.

A little head at each elbow, two grasping hands on my knees. “I do dat, mama?” “can I lick the spoon, please, mummy?” “I has lick of ‘poon too, mama?” “bub bub bub mama, BUB BUB”. The old Kenwood churns away, adding to the cacophony that is baking day. Chocolate cake, biscuits. Maybe a slice if we have time. And […]

nom nom…

It’s been a funny old day. Hot, then stormy, then muggy. Hopefully another storm this afternoon to cool things off again.   Today was going to be a catch up day. After all the rain, I finally found the bottom of the washing basket. Four loads of washing await hanging in the laundry. Except it started raining again. Of course. […]


Cream cheese icing. Seriously. How on earth have I lived 28 years, and not discovered the deliciousness that is cream cheese icing? We made a carrot cake yesterday, and cake isn’t cake without icing. Oh. My. Goodness. It seemed criminal to waste it by putting it on a cake.   It’snap time & I’m crazy busy. Secret Santa, a couple […]

tea cake

Miss Butterfly, it seems, is a fussy one.There is something not right about making a new mother choose between chocolate & sleep. But for now, sleep wins. Soon, though, I may re-introduce chocolate, and hope that it doesn’t keep her awake all night. So when we wanted to bake a cake, I wasn’t quite game to attempt our old faithful […]

sweet & sour

Laden with fruit, the lemon tree begs to be useful. With a basket in one hand, and a small little boy clinging to the other, we answer it’s call. Bare feet cushioned by grass invigorated by unseasonally rainy weather, warm spring sunshine beating on our backs, we fill the basket. One. Two. Three. Traipsing inside, I assume the captains position, […]

a rainy day…

… is perfect for some baking! “What shall we make?” I ask the board. “Biscuits with porridge in them, please, mummy”, says the big one. “Bikkie, bikkie, bikkie”, chants the little one. “Umm… no coconut, and no oats, little boy”. “Wah” says the big one. “Bikkie, bikkie, bikkie”, chants the little one. With a feeling of kinship with Old Mother […]

just chillin’

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like a quiet day at home. Playing. Cleaning. Baking. Being. Just what a Monday should be! So I didn’t get the quilt finished. But it turns out the deadline isn’t as tight as I thought it was, so I’ve got a bit of wiggle room. I’m planning a big week of creating this week. A change […]

Comfort food.

4pm. The school bus grinds to a halt at the end of a gravel side-road. The young girls, the last on the bus today, peel themselves from the cracked vinyl of the seats, and slinging backpacks laden with school books over one shoulder, they amble towards the front of the bus and clamber down the steps. Impatiently they wait for […]

Farewell 2009

A small voice tickles me elbow as it begs “We make muffins, mummy?”. So out comes the recipe books. “Honey ones, mummy!” “Honey?” “Yes pweese, I like honey. Honey is my FAVOURITE!” Flick, flick, flick. Hmm. “Sweetie, there’s no honey ones. What else would you like?” “Ooo, those ones, pweese. I like chocolate. Chocolate is my FAVOURITE!” The bench is […]