15 @ 40 // day thirteen

As we run down to the last of the projects in this series, I find myself further and further in my archives. The obvious stuff has been done – I’ve baked cookies, I’ve sewn and quilted a bag, I’ve celebrated yarn crafts in various ways, there’s been a gnomish cameo. But among the big stuff, there’s the little, less visited […]

hiding in plain sight

When the invitation first arrived, declaring the party to be a dress up one, my first thought was one of self-sabotage. Instead of thinking “oh yay! How fun!” it was “oh man, what if my costume is dumb and everything thinks I’m a giant nerd?”. Then I gave myself a strong talking to. “Self,” I said, “you ARE a giant […]

key to mummy’s heart :: mothers day craft

Late last year, Beetle Boy decided he was done with forever trailing after his big siblings and just doing whatever activities they were doing. He wanted something just for his own, somewhere to make friends that were someone other than the younger siblings of his own siblings friends. Scouts, we thought, might be a good fit for him. To say […]

…another project closer…

Some projects take time to plan and prep and pull together. Others are a delightful case of serendipity, like my latest batch of diffuser bracelets. Master7’s lesson plans for last week included making a finger-knitted bracelet that was to be decorated with beads. I still had my bead boxes in easy reach after the last round of bracelet making, so […]

…drip drop…

After the finishpalooza of the last few months, I’m heading a bit towards needlework overload. Cross-stitches and embroideries have been the order of the day when it comes to school table crafting lately, and resurrecting my 20 before 2020 list gave me the inspiration I needed to mix things up a little bit. This morning, with my morning jobs done, […]

…uncut wire wrapped pendant…

Back in 2016, we threw together a last minute outback road trip in the lead up to the the July school holidays. It was a total winging-it, see where the road takes us kind of trip, with not much more than a vague idea of where we were heading. Towards the tail end of our two weeks, we ended up […]

…the history of an incurable crafter…

As a child, I received a box one Christmas. On the outside, it didn’t look anything much out of the ordinary – it was round, maybe 10″ in diameter, and probably around 20cm high, and the glossy papier-mâché style that was quite common in the 1990s in the $2 stores. Inside, however, was where the magic was hiding. Inside that […]

Teachers Gifts {advent blogalong day 19}

Another year done! Where on earth has this school year gone? A quick post today, sharing a wrap-up of the gifts I made for the children’s teachers. I ended up finishing just in the nick of time – so much so that I didn’t get “real photos”!! For Bear’s teachers & class aides, he chose tea wallets, paired with some […]

customised keyrings {commission}

A month or two before Christmas last year, I got a text. “Hello, my wonderful, lovely, crafty, clever friend…” (or words to that effect), it started, and I giggled as I knew what was coming. A little photo and some more sucking up, followed by a request – could I make two personalised keyrings, and how much? We-he-hell… a new […]

Quilt Camp 2014

  It seems the trick to getting away to quilt camp on time, is to not take the baby with you. Just 15 minutes after when I had planned to leave, I was on the road, fuelled by coffee & excitement & very little sleep. Not only did I have to pack my bags (yes, plural), and pack for the […]