…blogtober 2022…

Much like blogging itself, the once popular Blogtoberfest has fallen by the wayside in the shift to instagram based microblogging. And yet, every year, I still find myself drawn to the familiar rhythm of daily blogging that is Blogtober. It takes me back to what feels like the “good old days” of blogging, somewhere in the depths of 2012, a […]

…a year in the ministry…

Time is a fun creature. A week ago, I was blogging about how short the years can be. This week, i’m reflecting on the past year, and how September 24, 2021 seems so very long ago. At the same time, it’s whizzed by, and suddenly I, and my partner in crafty crimes, have been podcasters for a full year. Let’s […]

…writers block…

Over the weekend, I started to write a blog post. By “started”, I mean I uploaded a photo and then stared at the white text box, not sure where to start. After a while, I figured it was a lost cause, and went in search of an old blog post that I knew I wanted to link into the one […]

Periscope :: my DIY phone tripod

  How fun is Periscope? For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s The New Thing in social media apps – developed by Twitter, it is a mobile-based video streaming app. You log in, hit start broadcast, and start talking. One of my biggest problems early on was working out how to get my phone […]

Barefoot Behind the Scenes :: Branding

My editorial calendar tells me today I should be talking to you about Project Life and where I’m up to. Which would be all well and good if I actually had something to show you that was different from last month’s update. I am hoping to make the most of the long weekend and get three months (*blush*) worth of […]