what a mystery

For the first time since we first put out a pair of tiny toddler booties on the night of December 5th, 2007, awaiting a magical visit from St Nicholas; I wasn’t home to remind everyone to put their shoes out, and to track the progress of St Nick and his bag of goodies. The children and I were in Sydney, […]

box it up

“You can’t read tone over text,” goes the argument of those most disturbed of people, who advocate for phone calls instead of just hanging up and texting like a normal person. I beg to differ. Clearly they have never received a text message that starts with “hey Rach…” in just that exact tone that tells me there’s a project incoming. […]

all about the drama

In the very earliest days of my motherhood, as I floundered my way through those bleary eyed newborn days, trying to find my feet and a moment to sleep, I was lucky enough to connect with an amazing mothers group. For many many years, we would meet together weekly and watch babies grow and swap stories from the trenches of […]

blogtober day 14 // Saturday Stash

In hindsight, taking the teenager with me to buy supplies for a cricut project wasn’t my smartest move. He huffed and he puffed and he blew the attitude my way as he asked “how long, exactly, does it take to pick vinyl?” “I’m waiting on the board to help me decide which one,” I replied. Logical, I thought. Not to […]

to tassie, with love

It was the skirt I noticed first. Deep in the trenches of my own ripple blanket, the tiny little girl across the room, wearing the most adorable crocheted ripple skirt, grabbed my attention immediately. Like the Very Cool And Normal person that I am, I introduced myself and then skipped the small talk and went straight into gushing about the […]

…let them eat cake…

The days are long, but the years are short, someone once told me when I was in the trenches of toddlers and newborns and wondering if I would ever sleep again. Blogging long term feels a bit like that. Time slides on by, and then without realising, so so much time has gone by. A full decade ago, I wrote […]

…bon bons…

It is a family favourite part of the festive season, the weekend before Christmas, we get takeaway, have a picnic in the park, and then head off to do the rounds of town to check out the lights. We often also treat the children to some lollies, but this year, I decided to make them some trail mix. They love […]

…getting caught in the rain…

It’s become a bit of a tradition, once Sunday afternoon hits, and all the jobs have been done for the weekend. Or as many of the jobs as are going to get done, anyway. Mr Barefoot blows in through the front door, does a cursory check that I’m not knee deep in parenting or housewife or otherwise occupied with something […]

…making cricut ready files from PDFs…

I love a good printable. I do not love fussy cutting, especially since my good sharp pointed paper scissors have disappeared. I love die cuts and ephemera. I do not love the international shipping costs that are required to get most of them in my hot little hands. I do, however, have a cricut and a healthy sense of adventure. […]