WIP Wednesday :: Digital Papers

Somewhere, between building and moving and mumming and all the everything that fills everyday life, the last two months have disappeared, and the silly season is approaching with a terrifying rapidity. Last year, our advent shenanigans were rudely interrupted by the coming of the plague (twice!), and I think this year, I’m in full overcompensation mode, collecting challenges and projects […]

CULTIVATE better habits

Something I’ve learned over many years of crafting, blogging, large projects and big goals, is I thrive with accountability. On the podcast last season, we chatted about personality types, and during planning, I mentioned to Car that on the “four tendencies” spectrum, I was firmly in Obliger territory. While I can’t remember the exact phrasing she used in response, the […]

…blogtober day 19 :: WIP Wednesday…

Sometimes, projects seem to grow legs all on their own. I can start off with the best of intentions to make something quick and simple, and then once I start, the project demands I look in a new direction. Suddenly, what should have taken 10 minutes, is now on day three…and counting. The inspiration struck late Sunday night. A last […]

…digital bible journaling…

Returning to church after a 6 month plague-enforced pause, there were, quite reasonably, a few changes to make it possible to return safely. One of these changes was that pew bibles were removed, and bibles are now a BYO affair. We’d spent a few months doing home church with friends, where I could bring along handwork and keep my hands […]