craft room tour

For almost four years, from January 2020 to October 2023, I mourned my beloved craft room in town. A little sunroom off the side of the original half of the house, nothing more than an enclosed verandah, it was flooded with light and kitted out with a wrap around desk, stacks of shelving and storage. It took weeks to sort […]

a weekend in the big smoke

When we very first started homeschooling, almost seven years ago now, one of the first things we agreed on was that if we were going to go ahead, we would need to actively look for, and travel to, educational opportunities for the children. Museums, galleries, workshops; we would work to expose the children to life outside the bubble of our […]

what a mystery

For the first time since we first put out a pair of tiny toddler booties on the night of December 5th, 2007, awaiting a magical visit from St Nicholas; I wasn’t home to remind everyone to put their shoes out, and to track the progress of St Nick and his bag of goodies. The children and I were in Sydney, […]

blogtober day 18 // WIP Wednesday

Back in the early days of the world shutting down and everything changing, I was at a loose end. We were locked down, in our cabin, so kid activities were non-existent, and housework not far behind it. My evenings were much more my own than they ever were in town. And so, I found myself convinced against my better judgement, […]

my everyday life

Two lifetimes ago, I followed quite a few photography blogs, and spent almost as much time on Flickr as I now do on instagram. It was a fun, positive, encouraging community to be part of, and I found myself getting swept up in the tidal wave of project365 excitement coming into 2010. It was set to be a massive year […]

…matchy maker…

There is a box, on my craft shelf, labelled “project bags and storage”. It’s a plain box, tucked on the bottom shelf, just above the crates of yarn and fabric. It’s filled with embroidery pouches, and spare floss boxes and the occasional quilt camp tote. The bigger bags are a bit trickier. A patchwork, quilted, oversized tote doesn’t fit, nor […]

…another project crossed off…

It’s interesting how completely my mindset around finishing a project has changed over the last two years. Once upon a time, in The Before, binding was my least favourite part of quilting. Even knowing a finish was in sight, and that it actually wasn’t that bad of a job, I would put it off as long as I could. Even […]

…waves of summer…

Over the last couple of years, I have fallen head first into my love of handmade garments. I’ve sewn shorts and shirts, knits & wovens. I’ve used pdf patterns and paper patterns and vintage patterns and made my own. I’ve knitted and crocheted jumpers and headbands. I even attempted (and fell in love with) lingerie sewing. Box after box of […]

…gnome is where the heart is…

Two weeks ago, it was miserable and raining, much like everywhere else in this stretch of the eastern states. The weekend plan had been one of divide and conquer. I had unshiftable commitments in town, so had to stay home with the teen. Meanwhile, the mister would to take the little three to visit his mum. It all came to […]


It’s no real secret around here, that if there’s one thing I love more than crafting, it’s crafting along with a friend. Long weekends especially, are made for crafty shenanigans and challenges and communal projects. One of the favourite parts of a communal project, for me, anyway, is it often pushes me in ways I wouldn’t be pushed, if I […]