April came and went and not a single goal was met, or even made! It was a one-foot-in-front-of-the other month, interspersed with flashes of intense joy and contentment. With so much happening, it was always destined to be a go-with-the-flow kind of month, but May is here and with it, a fresh start and new goals! Here’s what I’m working […]

Ms Frizzle

There’s nothing quite like having a decision taken out of your hands, to make it clear what outcome you really want. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you may have read my rather emotional and only-just-conherent editorial, where I let out the stress and worry of a week of cyber gremlins that had me convinced I’d lost this blog – […]

Bingo 2023

Long weekends have long been an excuse within our craft group to dive into challenges and projects and using our bonus time wisely* (*wisely, of course, is a euphemism for craftily). Since 2019, Easter long weekend has meant a super sized challenge known as Creativity Bingo. A four day marathon of crafting, designed to be chock-full of prompts to get […]

my daybook, aka my brain on paper

I am a list maker, a lover of diaries and notebooks and calendars hanging on the wall. I do use my phone somewhat, with each child colour coded and all, but there’s nothing like having my day laid out in front of me to keep me on track.  Over the years I’ve tried a few systems. When the children were […]

parallel play

For the last two years, in the midst of the wildly disconnecting times the 2020s have been, Fridays have become a highlight of the week, and one of my favourite moments of connection. When you live six hours and a state border away from your number one crafty enabler, during a pandemic, and don’t get to see each other for […]

couch bound

If you’ve been around here or my insta for a while, you might know I have a reputation for ridiculous injuries that are just a little bit extra. It is, admittedly, a well earned reputation – burning my foot on a heat gun at midnight the night before camp is a particular highlight (lowlight?). I think though, I have outdone […]

connecting beyond the casual

In the way of social circles linking each other into classes and kids growing up, as I find my myself running my small (and not so small!) folk around their activities each week, I’m generally hanging out with the same people at teenage sports, that I was hanging out with at toddler music. After almost sixteen years on the mummy […]


As much as I enjoyed these mini goals over the past two years, I feel like I’m hitting a bit of a wall, and struggling to set a top three each month. I enjoy the process of having those three things to focus on – I have them noted on the dashboard of my day book, and I made a […]

the joy of disconnecting

It’s strange, when so much of my content – the podcast especially – is centred around connection and community through creativity, to be talking about disconnecting. The blessing of technology in 2023 means 90% of my crafty village lives anywhere but here, and yet we can still keep up with each other and our projects and our happenings through our […]

on the twelfth day of Christmas

You never really know, when you start a conversation with “hey so I’ve had an idea”, where exactly that idea will end up. 90% of the time the end result is completely unrecognisable as the original idea. Our Twelve Days project is a bit like that – going from “we should do an advent calendar for our podcast community” to […]