easter in review

The cupboard is slowly emptying of chocolate, the sugar crashes are in full swing, and Easter is done for another year. Funnily enough, I think we were craftier when we had a smaller space and limited supplies than we were this year. In fairness, Holy Week, normally jam-packed with fun and crafts was interrupted by dentist appointments (Monday) and hair […]

commonplace book :: how I plan my creative life

Some projects pop up in my mind, and all the planets align for me to dive straight in; I have the mojo, the time, the supplies or the ability to procure them in the immediate short term. Others percolate a bit. I might have the inspiration but not the mojo. I might be elbow deep in a different project. The […]

show time

Coming through the main entrance, and creeping down the driveway at a walking pace, the main thoroughfare of the Showgrounds was transformed. Normally a quiet, one lane road leading past the basketball sheds down to the archery range where Boy2 spends his Tuesday evenings; for the day it was a hive of activity. People moving around, calling out, setting up. […]

on the trolley :: March

In general, I consider myself a pretty unfocused crafter, forever bouncing from idea to idea to idea. When I decided to document monthly the changes in my active projects trolley, I expected to see radically different projects popping up in each round up. As I come to the end of February and start resetting my trolley for the month ahead, […]

three “splurge” purchases I can’t live without

Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and hashtags on instagram worked, I had a fun little personal tag – #lookAJmoretools – documenting the myriad toys, tools and goodies I’ve collected along the way. As each new inspiration strike hit and dragged me into a new hyper fixation, my collection of bits and bobs grew. It became […]

in the trolley this month

One of the funnest parts of new house life, is I get to rearrange and rebuild my crafting routine from scratch. Of course, it’s also completely terrifying and overwhelming to stare at a blank craft space and trying to picture what three million boxes look like and how they need to be arranged. But now I’m over that first hurdle, […]

IMMERSE myself in the year ahead

This year, more than any other, I found it hard to decide on a word to encapsulate everything I wanted this year to be. It is a year to settle, to reset, to catch our breath…and at the same time, it’s a year of change, of placing the capstones on the childhood of our eldest, as he turns 18 later […]

CULTIVATE :: the year that was

One of my favourite ways to spend New Years Eve, is to revisit two posts – the one I wrote on this day last year, and the one following it, where I share my word for the year to come and what it means to me. As I came into 2023, with my word CULTIVATE, I had big plans. I […]

but why…

“Why do you do these things to yourself?” I was asked last week, when I was an an event where I mentioned I’d forgotten to bring a project and I was rather annoyed by that since I had a million and one advent projects on the hop. At first I laughed it off. “Do you even know me?”, because this […]

the week that was

How is it Sunday already? This past week has passed in a blur of parties and road trips and Christmas prep, and despite being on the go constantly, I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere fast! Our advent activities have been a bit hit and miss, but we’re working hard to find the magic in even the smallest slivers of time […]