CULTIVATE better habits

Something I’ve learned over many years of crafting, blogging, large projects and big goals, is I thrive with accountability. On the podcast last season, we chatted about personality types, and during planning, I mentioned to Car that on the “four tendencies” spectrum, I was firmly in Obliger territory. While I can’t remember the exact phrasing she used in response, the […]

CULTIVATE a joyful life

With three years of “uncertain” and “unprecedented” times behind us, and a year of change and unpredictability ahead, trying to narrow down a word to keep me grounded and focused has been hard. Nothing has quite hit the spot, to encompass all I want this year to be, the growth I want to invite, the projects I want to lose […]

EMBRACE the year that was

I’m not quite sure, really, how to sum up 2022. It’s been a year where I have had to EMBRACE the silver linings of hard moments. I’ve joyously EMBRACEd the little moments of magic. I’ve worked to EMBRACE a whole lot of personal growth, and EMBRACE the end of my fortieth trip around the sun. I’ve been inspired to EMBRACE […]

Sunday Stash :: Teacher Gifts 2022

Once upon a time, these last couple of weeks of school would be a flurry of activity, with my main creative energy going towards teacher gifts. Now, we are homeschoolers, but I think it’s only fair all four children give their teacher a little something, don’t you? While the children were at a workshop last week, I made the most […]

five fun things for Friday

What a week! The December business has certainly hit with a vengeance. There’s been homeschool excursions and sticker commissions and photos to edit on a deadline. Dentist appointments and vet appointments and hair appointments. Carol rehearsals and sports Christmas parties. It’s been go go go all week, and I am very glad to declare the weekend officially open for business. […]

Sunday stash {advent blog along day four}

One does not simply start a new hobby, or so the meme goes. One starts a new hobby. Then one follows instagrammers also involved in that hobby. Then one watches reels of the hobby. Then reels of the step before the hobby which is a whole different hobby and next minute you’re googling how much THAT hobby costs. In case […]

an optimistic advent {blog along day three}

One of my mini goals for this month is “all the alongs”. I love the festive season, and all the fun that comes with it. It can be a busy time of year for all of us, though, so I love bringing in some extra fun in alllll the Christmasalongs, and dragging my friends along with me. Even as we […]

…EMBRACE December…

It’s a little crazy to think I’m sitting down, ready to EMBRACE the last goal setting post of the year. December goals are both easy and hard – there’s a whole lot going on, so lots of options to choose from, but then how do I narrow down all the everything into three short monthly goals? By combining them! I […]

on becoming a finisher

The 19th of March, 2020, in my mind, is a line in the sand. We came home from the coast after an excursion, watching the children learn and the world close down, country by country. We drove through the gates, and we didn’t come back out for two months. We’d only moved to the farm 6 weeks earlier, and we […]

…blogtober day 26 :: wordless Wednesday…

It felt hard today, to work out what to share. Funnily enough, it’s been a rather crafty twenty-four hours, and yet none of it felt “enough”. Sure I got more done on my shawl, but I’ve shared it before. I got half way up the face of my gnome, but it’s not really exciting progress worthy of a post. I […]