album update // week one

A week in, and I’m finding my December Daily is more like, December Every Four Days. While I do take my photos each day, the prints themselves tend to work better as 4-to-a-print, to be scrapped onto a 4×6 card, so I tend to get four done in a sitting once I have photos ready to be collaged. For the […]

WIP Wednesday :: Digital Papers

Somewhere, between building and moving and mumming and all the everything that fills everyday life, the last two months have disappeared, and the silly season is approaching with a terrifying rapidity. Last year, our advent shenanigans were rudely interrupted by the coming of the plague (twice!), and I think this year, I’m in full overcompensation mode, collecting challenges and projects […]

15 @ 40 // day fifteen

June me was such an optimistic, overachieving type, wasn’t I? Not only was I knee deep in the production of season four of the podcast, but I thought it was completely reasonable to blog daily, including churning out a project each day. What on EARTH was I thinking? Nevermind that June is traditionally one of the busiest months in our […]

15 @ 40 // day fourteen

One of my favourite parts of the glory days of blogging, was the various rabbit holes one could fall down just from a single linky party. I could find myself starting with bookmarking a post with a cute sketch to scrap lift, and in the comments there, find a scrapbooker who teamed up with an artist for a challenge. From […]

15 @ 40 // day eight

Of all the creating I’ve been doing lately (mostly as part of my Fifteen At Forty project; it appears to have taken over my entire brain), my favourite pieces, the ones that inspire and motivate me the most are the multi-modal pieces that pull in different aspects of my creative history. From traditional mixed media, to over engineered digital art, […]

key to mummy’s heart :: mothers day craft

Late last year, Beetle Boy decided he was done with forever trailing after his big siblings and just doing whatever activities they were doing. He wanted something just for his own, somewhere to make friends that were someone other than the younger siblings of his own siblings friends. Scouts, we thought, might be a good fit for him. To say […]

WIP Wednesday :: December Daily

It’s interesting to me, that the longer I do this crafty thing, the less prescriptive I am in my expectations of myself. I have always struggled with perfectionism, to the point of complete stoppage on projects, leading to creative freeze. It’s something I’m working on though. I’ve shared a bit about my struggles with my 2022 December Daily album. Since […]

press pause

Two weeks after we ground to a halt, I feel like the adrenaline crash has well and truly hit. I’ve caught up on all the washing. I’ve rescued the last of the dishes from random places – bookshelves, floors, jammed between mattresses and walls. I’ve hauled ten* bags of tissues to the bin. I’ve thrown open the door and hustled […]

…blogtober day 11 :: 31 minutes for 31 days…

Part of my blogging process, especially over Blogtober, is once the post goes live, is to view the post on both my laptop and my phone. I’m familiar enough with my theme now that I know how it looks, but I still like to take that moment to review it, make sure everything loads properly in both formats. In our […]

…rediscovered memories…

After 18 months of living tiny, my patience with constantly diving into boxes to find my belongings has worn thin. I bought shelves. I collected boxes to organise my stash into. Slowly, slowly, I made progress in the unpacking, sorting things into neatly labelled boxes lined up in rows. Finally, I made it to the last box. A tricky one, […]