on the bookshelf :: May

Tell me you’re a creature of habit without telling me you’re a creature of habit? After breaking my book drought in April, I’ve been on a roll again in May, with a total of 8 books read. Eye Of A Rook (Josephine Taylor) // An interesting novel, exploring relationships, chronic illness + the medical establishment’s dismissal and minimisation of female […]

on the bookshelf :: March & April

It’s been a much slower start to the year, book wise, than normal – only 12 books for the year, giving me an average of three per month. I didn’t even bother with a wrap in March; what’s the point of a whole blog post for one single book? ONE. One little book finished in 31 days. Not happy, self, […]

on the bookshelf :: January

Part of my creative life that I’ve come to accept, that also bleeds into other hobbies, is that my brain works best in swings and roundabouts. I’ve learned to follow the mojo where it leads, and give myself grace to let go of shoulda woulda coulda. Reading is no different. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but there are definite […]

on the bookshelf :: May

During one of our early recording sessions for the upcoming fourth season of our podcast, we chat accountability and motivation, and I offhandedly threw out the idea of a low-key bookclub/accountability group. It stuck in my mind, so I mentioned it on Instagram, and the response was overwhelming. Within a day or so, the Barefoot Bookclub was born. Because accountability […]

on the bookshelf :: April

From 19 books in January, to six a piece in February and March, followed up by a woeful FOUR in April. It’s easy to beat myself up for dropping off after a big start, but I’m trying to remember to look at the bigger picture. Twenty nine books in four months is still a touch over seven a month. It’s […]

on the bookshelf :: March

March, I think I’ve spoken about previously, was The Month Of The Rut. Projects dropped off and are waiting for catch up marathons. My injured ankle led to a whole lot of languishing. It’s been a big month of travel and house jobs and meetings and weekends disappearing in a haze of adulting and outside commitments. Along with my projects, my reading […]

on the bookshelf :: February

As expected, February was much lighter on in the reading department than January – exactly half, as it turned out. Six finished books, compared to January’s twelve, but still an average of 1.5 books a week in a month where we were back to school and extra-curriculars and new projects; not a bad effort, I don’t think! In January, I […]

on the bookshelf :: January

January is a month flush with holidays and down time and sneaky getaways for long weekends. There’s day trips and hours spent poolside and beachside. With so many moments finding myself at a loose end, it’s no wonder January is generally always my biggest reading month. It was a pretty even mix between hard copy/ebooks/audiobooks – of the twelve books […]

on the bookshelf – November

It’s funny how setting a goal can completely mess with your perspective. Sitting down to share my books finished in November, I’m feeling rather flat – I’m well behind on my goal for the year. This goal, admittedly, was rather optimistic, and set after a bumper start to the year. It was always going to be a long shot, and […]

…blogtober day 30 :: slow Sunday…

It’s a cruel irony of adulthood, that you get to the weekend desperate for a sleep-in, and your stupid body clock wakes you up at the same time anyway. The only saving grace is the lack of immediate plans, allowing us to sit silently, staring out the back door at the rising sun, sucking down the elixir of life that […]