quiltmas progress

On my morning walk earlier this week, I was listening to an episode of the ABC podcast, “All In The Mind”, all about performance psychology. Specifically, sports psychology. Not a link you would normally expect to read on a craft blog, written by someone who’s idea of high performance activity is “getting all the parcels from the post office desk […]

couch crafting :: cross stitch edition

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. With my latest cross-stitch, I splurged on a pattern marking app (I use Markup R-XP) to track my pattern on my phone. I’ve long envied the numbers and stats tracking AJ has been able to share in the chat, and with a larger pattern with more complex distribution than I would usually […]

whoops I tripped

Never say never, so the saying goes. I have declared, in the past, that I really do not need more cross-stitches in my life. And it’s true, I don’t. Alice and the Wizard are languishing in my “finished projects” box, unframed and with no hanging in sight. My valentines gnomes likewise remain forgotten about (though with three weeks to valentines […]

hanging out

For the last two years, the infamous 5-centimetre-that-are-really-5-inch gnomes have consumed my Christmas crafting. I finally managed to get them finished in January of this year, and then they were tucked away safely in the container until the move was done. In perfect timing, a month into unpacking, my framer was offering a 40% off sale on in stock frames […]

blogtober day 19 // spring stash sewing

With the warmer weather hitting right as we move, I’ve yet to drag my clothes crates out of storage. There always seems to be something more pressing to unpack (like my craft room), which means I’m cycling through the same two or three outfits every time I go to town. I don’t go out that much, but when I do, […]

blogtober day 17 // Tip Tuesday

After being on social media for a while, the same discussion topics start to crop up. “Tell us your toxic crafting trait” is a common one, and generally it’s the same kind of things that get mentioned each time. Knitters who don’t swatch. Sewists who don’t prewash. And I get it, I really do. Both those things suck majorly. But […]

Blogtober day 10 // be prepared

Just like time is a heartless wench that refuses to slow down or stop passing, so too are my children determined to grow up regardless of my feelings on the matter. 2013 Me, exhausted and in the trenches of newborns and toddlers and kindergarteners, has a lot to answer for, having told myself “it will be easier once they are […]

blogtober day 6 // dib dib

Walking in from scouts each night, a voice rises up from the couch. “Dib dib”. “Dob dob,” comes the echo, from the small boy beside me. I don’t think dib dib dob dob has been the scout call and echo for a solid decade, but it doesn’t stop this crazy boy and his daddy using it as their post-scout greeting […]

blogtober day 3 // new quilt planning

There is a delightful synchronicity, as I wrap up a reflection series of fifteen years of blogging and turn my mind to new things – specifically, new projects in my new space – that the top item on the list is a quilt for my biggest baby. My very first post, all the way back in June 2008, was about […]

15 @ 40 // day eleven

If something is worth doing, it’s worth over crafting. I really need that on a tshirt or a drink bottle or something. In my defence, this time at least, it started out innocently enough. Bear’s bestie asked if I could teach her to crochet. Absolutely, says I. Then I realised my one good hook was…less than presentable. Shout out to […]