Me Made May 2023

My first MMM, I sewed like a possessed woman all month long and filled out my me-made wardrobe. Last year, my second run through, I committed to handmade everything, aside from a handful of allowable exceptions. This year, I’ve noticed myself started to buy ready to wear again, less out of laziness and more out of languishing. MMM is a […]

needlework essentials 3.0 :: needle case {+ tutorial}

As I slowly built my newest needlework kit, I thought I was just about done…and then insta inspo struck, courtesy of my awesome #saturdaynightcraftalong community. I already had a magnetic needle minder, and a floss minder (my new rainbow versions of those are coming over the next couple of weeks!), but it involved threading and unthreading the one needle, and […]

Temperature Stitches :: February

At the end of January, I felt like I would stick with my daily temperature stitches, if I’d made it that far. Then February came, and I honestly considered giving up more than once. I even dropped into the chat the suggestion of starting over. If I dropped each colour down by one temperature range, my summer stitches would look […]

needlework essentials 3.0 :: scissor keeper

Tangential crafting, I think is the best way to describe my projects for projects – the bits and bobs I make to work in with other projects. When it comes to magicking the thinnest excuse for a related project, something connected to whatever my big project is but is really just a cover for more making, there’s often a limited […]

needlework essentials 3.0 :: project bag

I’ve long joked that I have crafty ADHD. I’m either 100% hyperfixated on a project or hobby, or I shove it to the back of the cupboard, left to languish for a decade until that particular hyperfixation comes around again. Swings and roundabouts, is the best description of my creative habits. After fifteen years of writing and sharing projects in […]

January’s temperatures

The end of the first month is normally a good litmus test for year long projects, I’ve found. If I’m still excited by it, it’s likely to stick. If I’m already looking for “do that tomorrow” excuses and procrastination, chances are tomorrow will indeed never come and the project is about thirty seconds from falling over completely. This year, I’ve […]

Christmas gifting :: cable pouches

Trying to buy gifts for teenagers – too cool for the beloved obsessions of their childhood, too trendy to allow for too much advance organisation – is a tricky business. Buying for other people’s teens is even harder. Trying to balance the desire to get something they want or is useful, without shifting away from surprises too early, can be […]

plus one

“I know you prefer messaging, but this deserves a phone call”, my friend said when I answered the phone, just a couple of hours after we’d last chatted in person. I’d spent a lovely twenty minutes snuggling her brand new baby, rocking him to sleep and clucking over the tiny noises and adorable faces he was pulling in his dreams. […]

gnomewards bound

I have a nasty habit, over overestimating how much I can get done on holidays, and underestimating how much adulting I will be required to do on those days where I think I have nothing on the agenda besides pleasing myself. Tiny house life throws another curve ball in the mix – one room, one table, six people with projects […]