Oh Hai Wednesday…

Monday was sucky. Yesterday was marginally better. And today, well, I’m going to rock this Wednesday!   Poor Bear came home from preschool on Monday feeling a tad under the weather. And our darling first born, our cherished son, he struggles, poor chap. What may look like a cold to an outsider, is really a desperately terminal case of man-flu, […]

Ker-plonk went the little green frog…

Or in this case, a beigey-browny somewhat frog-like creature!   We’ve been reading lots of books about frogs lately, which has evolved in many frog-like activities. After covering the loungeroom floor with a variety of cushion, erm, lilypads, and jumping around madly, mummy needed a breather to catch my breath. So out came the craft box, and with the aid […]

A public service announcement…

If you are making playdough with your toddler, and he starts listing out the ingredients needed as you leave the room to change the baby’s nappy, and then there is a long silence, be afriad, be very afraid.   A certain toddler, who shall remain nameles *cough*Bear*cough* got all excited at the idea of sticky, gooey, tactile playdough. “Bwoo, please […]

Could it be anything else?

With the arrival of winter, we also welcome the sickness merry-go-round that is a given when one has children, and quite social children at that. Winter is generally a dreary season for us, marked not by the passing of weeks, but by the cycle of colds & chest infections. *sigh*   And being the second week of June already, we […]

Sock it to me…

The sky was a deep grey, filled with the promise of a cosy inside day, warm drinks, crafty projects & snuggles on the lounge. With the requisite housework dealt with, the baby asleep, and the morning’s coffee disposed of, the toddler and I settled ourselves in the studio, and got messy with socks, buttons & glue.     These little […]

Autumn blooms

There is a rare & delicate flower, I have found, that dares only bloom when it’s true beauty may be appreciated. When most others tremble at the though of a frost, and their petals wither & fall. When a small boy reach for glue, paper, scissors. And of course, the ever-handy egg carton!   So much fun we had to […]

Just a gentle reminder…

…to myself.   Mondayitis hit me over the head yesterday, and the wheels came off my “don’t think, just do” campaign. But I’m back on the bandwagon today, and thanks to several strong cups of coffee, I’ve found my groove! The current favourite toddler activity is painting. Anything & everything. So what better way to enjoy the warm sunshine on […]

Don’t think, just do.

Seeing as winter was upon us, it was time to upgrade Bear’s winter shoes. The boxes were too good to chuck in the recycling straight up, and I couldn’t be bothered storing them, so out came the craft bo, and the boxes became a house (left box is an open plan lounge/kitchen, right box is bedroom with ensuite), complete with […]

Baby gifty crafty things

My cousin recently had a baby, so as part of her gift, I made her a change quilt (I was a bit absent-minded and forgot the nappy pocket – oops!).   And to wrap it, I grabbed a piece of brown paper I had lying around, and, coating toddler sized feet in various shades of blue paint, let the boy […]

Snap snap snappy…

Also known as “The Revenge of the Krispy Kremes”.   The boy was doing his best to create a carpet with the contents of the recycling bin. The final thing he pulled out (after being told several times to leave the recycling where it was, for goodness sake!) was an empty Krispy Kremes box (which appeared to be the latest […]