15 @ 40 // day twelve

Knitting has been a part of my creative life since I was younger than my own children are now. I have fond memories of going on holiday to our usual spot at the coast, and our first stop would always be BigW for some holiday goodies. Back then, we didn’t have a BigW in our town, and it was a […]

15 @ 40 // day two

It’s a spiral sometimes, this crafty business. For my fortieth birthday late last year, my family treated me to a long coveted addition to the gadget shelf – a spinning wheel. While I haven’t yet quite gotten to the “maybe we should get a couple of sheep” part of proceedings, I am rapidly amassing a nice collection of fibres for […]

hiding in plain sight

When the invitation first arrived, declaring the party to be a dress up one, my first thought was one of self-sabotage. Instead of thinking “oh yay! How fun!” it was “oh man, what if my costume is dumb and everything thinks I’m a giant nerd?”. Then I gave myself a strong talking to. “Self,” I said, “you ARE a giant […]

stocking stuff-up {advent blogalong day 12}

I love knitting. There’s something so soothing and meditative about. What I do not like, however, is purling. I find it slow and awkward, which to be fair says more about my coordination than it does about the actual act of purling. Most recently, I cast on a new project – a free knit stocking from Bendigo Woollen Mills. The […]

whoops I tripped {Advent blog along day six}

…and fell into three balls of yarn and a new project. Because it’s not like I have anything going on this month, is it? Nothing that I’m falling behind on. No to-do list blowing out with extra jobs because I’m a sucker for “just a quick favour, if that’s ok?”. Nothing at all to do with my days besides order […]

shawl be coming’ round the mountain

In our podcast recording today, we were chatting about how it doesn’t feel like Christmas if you are sitting around in your jeans and a jumper. The festive season is all about the smell of fresh air and mangos and sunscreen, of doors thrown open early to catch the cool then closed up against the heat, of cicadas calling in […]

spin cycle

Is there anything quite like the energy of not only a new project, but a whole new hobby, complete with shiny new toys? My mind has been buzzing with that energy, itching for creative play time. The last couple of weeks have been busy, and my lovely new spinning wheel has remained tucked up cozy in it’s little bag, crying […]

one step forward, two steps back

For someone who suffers a terminal case of imposter syndrome, it is, ironically, my hubris that brings me undone out often. Last night, powering through my knitting, I was patting myself on the back at my progress. I was done to 86 stitches a row, from 128. I was on row 83 of 160, and each row was going quicker […]

…spin me a yarn…

When you grow up as a long-term-local in your folks home town, extended family events are as regular an event on the calendar as Brownies and netball and library. As a child, we would pile into the car with mum and nan and head out to one of the outlying villages where my mum grew up. These days it’s maybe […]

…blogtober day 7 :: linarii progress…

Never once have I managed to pack a realistic amount of craft projects for travel. Going for a month? Need a full crate. Going for a weekend full of events? Three projects minimum. A week in the city? Well, let’s try and be realistic – two projects, the iPad to draw with, three podcast episodes to edit, daily blog posts…and […]