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blogtober day 14 // Saturday Stash

blogtober day 14 // Saturday Stash

In hindsight, taking the teenager with me to buy supplies for a cricut project wasn’t my smartest move. He huffed and he puffed and he blew the attitude my way as he asked “how long, exactly, does it take to pick vinyl?”

“I’m waiting on the board to help me decide which one,” I replied. Logical, I thought. Not to the teenage mind, it seems. “seriously? Can you not just like, pick it on your own?”

No, my darling boy, I really can’t.

It was tricky, in this instance, because I was trying to match our house fixtures, and there were multiple options. All were similar, but also different enough that only one would be the right choice.

While the general colour scheme is a simple black & white, I have copper accents in our kitchen and main bedroom for interest & depth. My craft room is mainly white and timber, and I wanted to bring the copper in with my box labels. The same vinyl will be used to label the work boxes in the school room as well, so it was a big decision!

The matte seemed the warmest, but wasn’t quite what I was looking for. The set on the left felt the closest to my colour, but I didn’t love the texture of it, and was worried how that texture would work in fine cuts. After much back and forth with the board, and maybe eyerolls from the teen, I settled on the middle (not before considering buying the lot, I will confess!).

It worked a treat, and I LOVE how fancy my storage containers now look. The little plastic drawers will need more than just the label though, and so I think at this stage my plan is to paint inside the front of them with olive paint leftover from our bedroom, which will make the labels much more readable. Readable labels = accessible stash = happy crafter. Win win!

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